Dear Art Teacher

I am a librarian in an elementary school, and am looking for an
art project for a grade 3 teacher (and her 32 students) that does not
involve paint - that uses their 'names' (letters) somehow. Help??

Kids love to create cartoons from letters.  You can create simple
cartoon templates that children can use to create a cartoon from
their first name initial or a list of vocabulary words.  Or children
can create their own designs.  You can also create collages from the
letters.  Use precut large letters.  Children can then paste pictures
or items that begin with that particular letter onto the large precut
letter.  Use one letter of the alphabet for each child. Laminate each
letter.  Create a bulletin board after you finish.  You can also use
the name game song to create a rhyme about their song and ask them to
create a drawing or construction paper 3 D design that relates to it.
You can
find many great ideas for using alphabets at

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